it's all about the benjamins, baby

jen and i recently joined a class taught by a couple in our church, called financial peace university. it's a class that will teach us the skills and help us muster the sense of urgency necessary to get our finances in ordr, get out of debt and begin building wealth for the future. the content of the class is great. the guy who designed it, dave ramsey, is the speaker on the video presentation that we watch each week. his speaking style is annoying and cheesey as hell, but the info's good.

along those lines, i just read this article from msn. this woman is gonna live on a salary of 12,000 this year. she talks about how she'll make it work and how she's made it work in the past. this story is really inspiring to me. i'm not even close to disciplined enough to live the sort oflifestyle she's talking about, but there's something in me that gets excited about being broke, at least philosophically. i guess to me, it means that i'd know what i can do without and consequently be more willing to save or give away the money that would go to such things. as it is now, i love to give but i still think of myself first. i want to help friends but my resources run dry really quickly.

what's your favorite way to save money?

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Dustin said...

ramsey is the man!

Brian said...

i haven't read any of ramsey's stuff, but i've heard good things. my favorite way to save...put money in the portfolio and watch it grow of course. Over 14% last year!

justin said...

yeah, we may actually be talking to you about that soon. (and by soon i mean once we knock out our debt...so look for a call around 2010.)