incredible advice for life improvement

i find that my life intersects with my job on many different levels. i tend to attribute this to the fact that as a pastor in a local church, you're always sort of, "on." more recently, however, i'm realizing that the more i enjoy what i'm doing, the more excited i am about this project or that, the more my professional and personal lives intersect.

a couple weeks ago, i stumbled across a blog entitled "brazen careerist." those of you who know me, know that this isn't likely to tickle my fancy (if you will). however, the posts were intriguingly titled and drew me in.

now, 3 weeks later, i've become an addict. my brazen buddy generally focuses on business & time-management issues, and she does so with personality. i've learned some great tactics for workplace efficiency. and the best result for me has been an actual interest in how to become more efficient at work. she's found a way to make professional development sound like more than just a buzz word to convince my boss that i deserve more money. her column has inspired me to become a more efficient person. i may not be there yet, but i'm on the way.

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