i want a mac! on second thought, maybe not.

macs seem to be the new ipods. (what?) they're cooler than the competition, sleek, simple and geared toward the creative mind. ironically, the image of the mac (which i love and which makes me really, really want one because i know it'd put me in the running for cool) is contrary to the reality of the mac in some respects, namely, environmentally. while i'm far from the most environmentally responsible person, i do consider it a priority. the fact that apple seems to have much less concern for environmental responsibility than the financial bottom line, makes me think twice about wanting one.

I'm not claiming to have all the facts. i'm not even claiming that the information i got is necessarily more than someone else's ad campaign. but as strong as apple's.


John Keeling aka TJ because I am dirty like the city! said...

Mac or not, you are definitely in the running for cool. I have a mac and look at me.... not cool at all

justin said...

m, did you say you're not cool? THAT's not cool 'cause you are!