it's not about telling people how cool jesus is

i just read this blog about stephen baldwin and his new found christianity. it seems he's all amped on making the gospel "gnarly." i'm very excited to see that he's found christ. i also want to acknowledge that there are many different ways to reach people with the gospel message; and yet as i listened to him talk and read this blog i realized that his story is a perfect example for a theory i have.

i believe that when it comes to the church being relevant (whatever that word means this week) it's much more important for us each to be who we are rather than create an image of what we think will make the gospel attractive. the fact is that the bigger deal we make about how cool we are, the harder the fall when whatever's cool about us goes out of style. i think this is what stephen is trying to do as he states that these extreme sports are the things he was into before he became a christian. i just wonder if him making such a big deal about how "gnarly" this stuff is, may someday look less cool to him than it does today.

i guess what this is really getting at is the dichotomy between trendy and classic. some like it hot right now, some like it to still be tasty in 20 years.


justin said...

i found this great blog that sort of put me in my place. if good things are happenning in Jesus name, what's so wrong with it. Check this out.


anne jackson said...

i am always the first one to roll my eyes at stuff like this, and it's something i need to re-examine in my life.

although trendiness is just that, dating back to NT times anyone who shared the gospel used what was culturally influential at the time. paul quoted philosphers, etc.

we had the livin' it skate demo come to our church and had over 800 people show up with 50 decisions. i was one of the counselors and met a young lady who was going thru a really hard time and who was touched by this "gnarly" ministry. just sayin.

also paul talks about this in Philippians 1:18-But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice.