the resolution to end all resolutions

one of my favorite things to do is whatever i want to whenever i want to. while this may not sound surprising, it is also not uncommon. that is why we all make new year's resolutions. it's a way to feel good about ourselves because of a choice we make, that doesn't actually require action until a later date. this way, if i know i need to spend more time with my kids, i decide to make it a new year's resolution. this decision asuages my conscience for now, but by the time i need to start actually doing something about my decision, the urgency i felt is dissipated, and i settle comfortably into the same pattern i've been in for as long as i can remember.

that's why i decided never to make new years resolutions. if it's time for a change, it's time for a change. if i need to spend less $ and save more, why not spend less today? if i want to get my body healthier, why not work out today? plus, and this may be exclusive to me, but somehow i doubt it, if i don't make a change now, it's not gonna happen. the urgency i feel at these watershed moments is crucial to my actually making a change. if i miss this early momentum, the chances that i'll carry through on shear discipline alone, i'm sad to say, is slim at best.

so i say ditch the new year's resolution. today's as good a day as january 1st.

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