new atheism is the new "revelation"

i'm reading a story in wired about new atheism, an agressive belief system championed by richard dawkins. they are making a case for the fact that not only does god not exist, but that the belief in any god is damaging and must be stopped.

one of the arguments i just read was that slavery was once considered morally acceptable. the contention is that morality should be superseded by logic. it seems strange to point to such beliefs as a definitive nail in the religious coffin. after all, didn't science and reason tell us that putting leeches on open wounds was a good thing? hasn't science sold us as many "lies" as religion? are we still so narrow-minded, selfish and blindly impassioned that we cannot recognize that what we know now, today, may not be the entire story?

i expected to read this article casually and have found instead my mind racing and my heartbeat a crescendo, thinking of not only the defensiveness i feel having that which i hold most dearly called evil, but the obvious fallacy in the argument that seems to be ignored in favor of the cliched traditional arguments of the god people versus the rational people.

i'm gonna finish the article. it's long, but worth a read.

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