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our most recent netflix was dave chappelle's block party (as you may have guessed from the picture). this is a great example of the previous few posts. the music is spectacular. when common, mos def and kanye west are all on stage, i could sense the energy of the show. my heart beat fast as i was transported there, waving my hands in the air, hoping i wasn't dancing too stupidly. the comedy is minimal, but colorful. the sexually charged humor is minimal, but still there. and how should i respond to the racially charged jokes? it's funny. (how many white people does it take to screw in a light bulb? none. they get a n*%&$@ to do it for them.) but does my enjoyment of that humor perpetuate the racial tension that exists in our country? or is it, as dave chappelle suggests, important for us to laugh at ourselves and not take life too seriously? i think yes to both. so then what? do i just skip it for fear of content that is "over the line?" do i watch it like a quick draw artist, remote in hand, ready to fast forward any questionable humor? do i just let it go and find some way to justify it (which i could do, no problem)? do i watch it and then process what was appropriate and what wasn't?

the bottom line is that i really enjoyed this movie. it does contain content that i wouldn't call uplifting, and there is no shortage of the tradition four letter words, but in the end, i felt uplifted after watching it. the energy of the live music, dave's excitement in putting together his dream show, watching the interaction of the artists and yearning to be a part of a group experiencing that level of artistic synergy...it was awesome! i don't know if this system works or not, but i think i'm gonna continue to judge art based on the holistic picture. the sum of the parts may not add up to much, but as a whole, if something is uplifting to me whether by broadening my perspective, shattering some paradigm or simply making me feel good to be alive, i think that means there's more on the positive side than the negative side and that wisdom would suggest that such pieces be enjoyed, digested and shared.

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brian said...

that's cool, I haven't seen too much of Chappelle. I love me some Dane Cook though. I kind of get tired of all the racial jokes actually. After awhile, they all just sound the same to me. It's like they aren't creative enough to think up anything else. The only thing I don't like about watching "those kinds of movies", is when I remember them being a great movie, then I recommend them to someone, like my mom and there's a ton of cussing or a sex scene I totally forgot about...oops.