a great magazine

i almost called it new, but i don't think it's very new, just too hip for me to have noticed...until now. it's called adbusters and features everything from well-written sarcastic prose to thought-provoking photo layouts. i saw it a couple weeks ago in our local grocery but neglected to pick it up due the high cover price [8.95! ouch!] but today i splurged and am very glad that i did.

one layout features the stark contrast of the depth of suffering in the forgotten regions of the African continent against the banal debauchery of spring-breakers playing drinking games to their oblivious little hearts' content. ["it's all fun and games until somebody gets date-raped"] [yes, i know that was harsh and i'm a little sorry, but only a little.] the caption to the spread reads something along the lines of "...our biggest goal in warfare now is to keep it as painless and insulated from our lives as possible..." although it's stated ever so much more artistically and powerfully.

my favorite idea so far from this issue is the suggestion of giving away "no gift" vouchers for christmas. basically, and i hope i remember this a year from now, jen and i are gonna hand out vouchers to our family giving them the gift of not buying us anything, the goal being the decommercialization of christmas.

anyway, if you have even an anti-establishment molecule in your body, i highly recommend picking it up, or even subscribing.


Brian said...

that's a cool idea. maybe you could have people give towards a cause you care about in your name instead. I saw a re-run yesterday of when Bono was on Oprah talking about the (RED) campaign. You could have someone buy that stuff so at least part of it goes to relieve the pain of AIDS and other things in Africa. Great idea though!

justin said...

i like it! well done.