four-eyed monsters

i came across something about this movie in wired. looks interesting, like the website, really like another querilla campaign to promote a film. the more the indie film industry picks up steam, the happier i am. i love a good film. i love to not be sure what's gonna happen next. i love not knowing all the actors. i love stories that are willing to linger in discomfort longer than the surveys recommend and i love the general lack of one-liners and crotch shots that most indie films steer clear of.

truth be told, i really want to be a part of this thing i love. i want to make a film that's unique. i want to tell a story in a creative way. i've got ideas. believe me, i've got ideas. i've got the necessary gear and knowledge to at least do something. the one thing i lack is a belief in myself. i expect to be disappointed with something that i produce. this has happenned before, but it's because i didn't take the necessary time to properly set up and carry out the idea. i rushed it, as i often do, in favor of quick results instead of quality results. bummer.

so, here's the one i did before. you'll see what i mean. good idea+hasty execution=still just a good idea

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