what am i really worth?

this post that i found through spitbox is one of the most invigorating and inspiring articles i've read in quite some time. and not because i can get rich quick, but because it suggests that there can be more options for my life than i've been told. for the first time, "that's just the way it works," a statement i've heard from the 2 most influential people in my formative years, referring to getting a job and keeping it for as long as possible, may prove to be a fallacy.

the article's called "10 reasons you should never get a job." my favorite reason suggests that i have value that i can offer that equates to more than my ass in a specific chair for a specified number of hours per week. even though it scares me and seems a little ludicrous, i'd like to believe that who i am is as important as what i do. hmmm...i wonder...

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