roseanne arnold saves us all

*while the facts herein are true, the intesity is hyperbolized. i'm sure roseanne is doing the best that she can in the place that she is, and i've had plenty of stupid ideas myself and will have plenty more.*

i heard some excerpts from an interview with roseanne arnold yesterday on talk radio. she's got some really dynamite ideas. the best one, and this is really gonna do it for our country, is to close the wage gap by raising the minimum wage, (she didn't give a figure, but it's probably significant since the goal is to "close" the wage gap) and creating a wage cap or "maximum wage", if you will (and i think you might).

"i'm interested, roseanne, please go on. what would you recommend for this maximum wage?"


what are you, stoned? so you think that by raising the minimum wage to, for the sake of argument let's say, $20/hour, and creating a maximum wage of $100,000,000 per year will somehow "close" the wage gap? and just for the sake of comparison, $20/hr at 40hrs/week, 52 weeks/year comes out to about $41,000. and do you really think that somebody who's buymping up against that $100,000,000 marker isn't gonna be able to find a way to make more? they can spend what i'll make in 2 or 3 years in order to keep an extra $1,000,000.

thanks for the help roseanne.

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David said...

Sounds like a good plan, lets pay the burger fliping high schoolers at McDonalds $20 an hour to close the gap between the 16 year olds and the 40 somethings with families, because we all know that those poor teenagers need the money
to keep them out of trouble.