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top seven political party differentiators:

this list was inspired by this post by Hale-Yeah!

my perspective on the two major parties (which is based out of a general malaise toward politics and a vaguely, cynically naive "understanding," and a belief that both parties are basically the same in terms of their lack of integrity and their desire to say anything to make us believe that the other party wants each one of us dead) is as follows:

  1. reps tend to look out for the interests of those who can or have helped themselves, dems tend to look out for those who can't help themselves.
  2. reps believe in personal resposibility, (i'll pull myself up by my bootstraps) dems belive in situational responsibility (people are holding me down with my own bootstraps so i need governement aid to cut my bootstraps so that the government can pick me up.)
  3. dems tend toward a "live and let live" philosophy toward foreign policy, reps tend toward the "protect-ya-neck, do-unto-others-before-they-do-unto-you" sort of philosophy.
  4. dems want to be cool, reps want to be rich
  5. dems focus on the fact that we were all immigrants at one time and support a more open immigration policy, reps believe this i
  6. reps tend to want a small government, dems tend to see a problem, want a gov't program.
  7. they're both big on freedom of speech: reps for christians, dems for everyone except christians
  8. they're both big on civil liberties: dems to protect our rights to look at porn and have any sort of sex with whomever we choose, reps to protect our right to beat up people who admit looking at porn and have sex with people in ways that we don't approve of.
  9. neither party really cares about abortion anymore
  10. neither party claims to like president bush, i guess they both want to be cool.


hale-yeah said...

that seriously helped, thanks. It is funny and that is why I'm frustrated, because I want to be cool and rich!

justin said...

don't we all...