let's not do what i'm almost doing

i found a video today linked from church marketing sucks to finding rhythm. I watched the whole video which is about 10 minutes long and was pretty disappointed. i definitely disagree with the premise of the video as far as approach, but more than that i would love to see a lot more both/and thinking in the church rather than all this either/or. this video is an a+ example. apparently whoever produced this video doesn't agree with rob bell philosophically. understandable. rob's one man with one man's conviction and methodology when it comes to serving jesus and communicating the gospel.

why can't we just leave it at that? you have your method, rob has his, i have mine. obviously we all believe that we're approaching the gospel message from the most effective angle or we'd switch angles. the likelihood of your convincing me that your angle is the better one, let alone the only right one, is slim at best and will more likely result in a greater rift than greater unity.

oh, and technically, aren't all people unique? i mean, sure you've got the problem of twins and best friends, but mostly isn't each person a little different from the next? why then do we need to come up with one "correct" method for sharing the gospel? i'm sure some people respond much more effectively to the "turn or burn" method than the "relational love" method if they've become accustomed to such communication in their life. some people are completely the opposite and want nothing to do with anyone who would presume to tell them what is in their heart.

so, forgive me for the link to the video. i only post it so that you can get some context for whati'm talking about. if you watch the video and feel your ire rising, maybe ask god to help you see their perspective and why they may feel the way they feel. maybe consider that they feel, when they watch rob bell's nooma, the way you feel when you're watching their production.

there's room for all of us. the church is a body. we can't all be eyes. we can't all be knees. we can't all be the cool hair. let's stop trying to change noses to wrists and start appreciating each other for the unique roles we fulfill.


brian said...

that's a great opinion bro. I've seen the "way of the master" stuff work. That's what the 10 commandments way of doing it is. Kirk Cameron is a big advocate of that way. I've never seen the Rob Bell stuff before, I knew it existed, just never seen it. Very pleasing to the eye. I like it. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I agree. I think I'm dried out elbow!

Anonymous said...

Wow -- this video didn't even make sense.

He establishes that we shouldn't worry about what's offensive, because the truth hurts sometimes, and people need to hurt to then understand the good news.

Okay. So offending is okay, because it's often the loving thing to do.

Then he does a little experiment that demonstrates that he can talk judgment with people without offending.


Not to mention that he misunderstands Bell, which is a real disservice. Were I to attack someone's position like that, I'd want to do some more research.