i've never agreed so much with someone i disagree with before

i just read a blog entry that was one of the most honest and open stories i've read in a while. here's the link to ex-pator, ex-wife, ex-christian. it's long and well worth it. i was pointed to this blog by oblique spheroid. as i read, i was captivated by her sense of loyalty to her husband through situations that would test even the most gracious of people. i was shocked to read a story that didn't include the expected malice and bitterness that one would expect, especially as the list of trials and frustrations grew. i was entranced by her clarity in her journey and her desire to embrace truth. i was saddened by her accounts of people she'd been in relationship with inside christendom. i know that we're all imperfect and i have no desire to stand in judgement over these people who hurt her as there are always two sides to story, and i'm sure those folks have experienced more than their fair share of hurt, but come on. i mean, i guess it just takes me aback to hear accounts of people who seem to be completely blind to the reality of who they are and the choices they make.

not that i'm not in the same boat from time to time, but i'm aware that i do occassionally reside in that boat...

i'm getting judgemental, so that's the end of my commentary on that. suffice it to say, i apparently think i'm above treating people as badly as theresa was treated, even though i can think of instances when i have been a total jerk. whatever, i guess i'm worse than i want to believe i am.

anyway, i appreciated her story, her honesty, her process. when i think of her, i'll ask God to continue to reveal truth to her. just because she doesn't believe doesn't mean i can't.


Hale-Yeah! said...

I don't know man. I appreciate her honesty, but as I was reading I was totally analyzing her viewpoint and I think she kind of screwed herself by not sticking up for what she thought to her husband in the very beginning. But, it, like many other blogs of it's type is very one way, and all the normal commenters are just there to defend their viewpoint rather than listen to differing opinions. I do think it is good to question things, but don't think that faith in Christ is going to always make sense!

justin said...

great point. while i appreciate her process and her honesty, i don't agree with the conclusions she's drawn based on her experience. however, i also think that, long term, she may be in a better position now to understand the fullness of a life lived for christ because she has chosen to throw of the trappings of christian religion. i just prasy that she is honestly seeking truth and not using that terminology to describe her desire for a self-serving set of beliefs that are no more provable than what she thinks she left behind.

i've been making an effort over the past few motnhs to focus on common ground instead of differences. while this goes a long way for making friends, it can also put me in a slippery spot in terms of people knowing what i really believe. for now, this is okya with me, but we'll se how the experiement goes.

Anonymous said...

The final chapters of this dear Lady's life are not yet written. Sometimes, We must move from unbelief to religion to atheism to true Christianity. She may think she is finished with God, but he may not be finished with her. We also should not judge God by the
failures of his people.