avoid the spam!!

i found a great site today with some tips on how to avoid spam. i just finished making necessary improvements to the sites i administrate.

this list is courtesy of junkbusters. all the links go to the same page, just different spots on the page. there weren't as many links as headings. sorry.

  1. reduce exposure to harvesting - create a bot-resistant site by avoiding linking to your email (href mailto:) and by getting creative with your email address posting, like yourname[atsign]your domain. this way your email address won't read like an email address to those soulless machines.
  2. make sure your browsing isn't giving you away - i didn't really understand what this one was talking about, but here's a link to it anyway.
  3. request anonymity from sources of addresses - if possible, opt out of any member directories you're a part of. they are favorites of spammers.
  4. report spammers to isp's and email providers - how exactly does this need expanded?
  5. report spammers to law enforcement - sick "the man" on them
  6. what about removal services? - some of them are garbage and some may actually add you to more lists. i propose that anytime you find a list of anything, you brun it. the less lists there are, the less lists spammers will likely have with my email address on it.

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