we're LOST again

jen and i just got the last 2 discs of season 2 of lost from netflix and we're loving it. we got all into it earlier this year and then sort of got out for awhile. but we're back. this show is so good. the writing is spectacular, the cinemaography is breathtaking and the ciffhangers are as intense as daytime tv.

anywho, if you have never seen it, i'd recommend it. just be sure that you've always got the next episode on hand before you finish one.


brian said...

we never really got into Lost, but I'd like to try renting the DVD's. Our crack is 24. Can't get enough of Jack Bauer whispering, "there's no time!"

justin said...

i'll have to try that. we're always on the lokout for a new high.

Kevin Leggett said...

I can't watch Lost. They should have been found in the first season. *evil grin*