venting redux

check out my friend Brian's blog. he has some great stuff to say about "christian" music. i just can't listen to that crap. i mean, there are a few gems in the genre, and i actually do believe that mos of them are trying to do something god, but come on!! my favorite commentary on christian music is south park's season 7, episode 9 entitled "christian rock hard." in this episode, cartman starts a christian rock band in order to reach his goal of making a platinum album before kyle does, only to find out that the best you can do in christian music is to go double-myrrh. he uses the throngs of people who are dying to buy anything that says "jesus" for purely financial gain. luckily, i'm sure that there aren't actually people in the christian music business calling it a ministry while making a mint.

and while i'm rolling, the "christian" music phenomenon is a cog in the larger wheel of religious commercialism and christian subculture wherein an artist, singer, speaker, or clothing designer can succeed with minimal talent; the only requirement seemingly being the ability to choose a hip font and spell j-e-s-u-s correctly. my favorite commentary on this is brian dannelly's "saved" which showcases the ugly side of cristian subculure while also giving the viewer a picture of what i believe is a christ-like perspective.

by the way, we've come up with a rule of thumb here in the office about "christian" industry. one can generally expect anything with a "christian" label to be half as good and twice as expensive as it would be without the "christian label.

a quick post script: it's come to my attention that this entry is pretty cynical and mch more harsh than is my custom. i was gonna change it, but it's what i was feeling when i wrote it, so i'm leaving it. please respond with any comments so we can dialogue about this issue.


Hale-Yeah! said...

NICE!!! That's hilarious about the last part. Jacinda and I actually went to Berean last night and picked up a book by Brennan Manning. Even though I worked there for 2 years, I think I'm just going to start buying all my "christian" music and books through amazon. It's cheaper.

David said...

I grew up listening to christian music and found that there are talented musicians out there who are in the christian music world. What I hate is that it seems to be its own world focused on itself and not appealing really to anyone else. To me that seems to be the opposite of what they should do. They should share this relationship and show the reality of it throught there music. I don't think there are many bands that do that. There does seem to be alot of christian music with fluf, and nice soft vanilla coated lyrics supported with light fringe tone to give a pop feel. Not really my taste, but good music is decided by the ear.