the stumble button

ironically, i stumbled onto a page on thursday that i initially mistook for a unique site and not the firefox extension that it was. it turns out, it's an extension called StumbleUpon. i installed it and opened up a beautiful world of haphazard enjoyment.

what it does is allow the user to customize their account, then when the "stumble" button is activated, it send the browser to one of the highly rated sites in one of the selected categories. as i selected my categories i found myself in a playful mood and checking boxes in categories that aren't a normal part of my preference set. what a blast! in the first use, i came across world-o-meters. check out the stat about the amount of money americans spend on diets. i also came across the evil bible which is a site all about how horrible the bible is. interesting stuff. coming from my perspective, it's hard to believe that people can misunderstand something so drastically, but then again, without context and looking at the big picture, i guess the assertions therein aren't that unreasonable. i haven't come across any christian sites yet, but i'm sure they'll pop up.

i found that i got sucked in pretty easily and before i knew it, 30 min was gone, so use carefully. but i can't wait until the next time i get to do some stumbling.

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