soy milk is a suspension

this morning i went through the normal routine of waking to ani's "mama?," going to the kitchen to make her a bottle and returning to bed to rest a few more precious minutes as she drinks. on my way to the kitchen jen informed me that i was to use the organic soy milk in the door, which is a departure from our normal use of organic whole milk.

"no sweat," i thought, "i'm on it."

i returned to deliver the bottle and then got up and went into the adjacent bathroom to blow my nose. as i was taking care of my nasal ogstruction, jen

"did you shake it?" jen asked.

"i shook the bottle after i heated it but not the milk in the container," i replied.

"you have to shake soy milk," she informed me.

huh, who knew soy milk was a suspension?

*author's note: in searching for a link to describe or define a suspension, i stumbled onto this one. hmmm.

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brian said...

i tried to go to that suspension.org website here at work and it was blocked for : adult content. What kind of trouble are you trying to get me in? ha!