sounds like a great book

i'm sort of a quitter-reader. i've got an impressive list of books i've started reading, but usually get distracted about 3 quarters of the way through. so please feel free to read this book and give me a synopsis. otherwise i'll enjoy the first 75% of the book sometime soon.

THE MYTH OF A CHRISTIAN NATION: How The Quest for Political Power is Destroying The Church

Dr. Gregory Boyd

Dr. Boyd states in his introduction that this book is the result of a sermon series he preached in 2004 titled, " The Cross and The Sword", in reaction to growing pressure being placed upon him to endorse political candidates and thier policies from the pulpit. Dr. Boyd has since been branded a heretic by many for his refusal to bow to the will of his church and board members as they desired for him to use his pastoral clout to make political endorsements. The naive assumption that if you dont vote for the party that best matches God's Biblical Mandates equals your abandoning your faith and betraying God is tackled decisively by Dr. Boyd.

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Douglas_Coombs said...

Amen! Dr. Boyd is right on! Abortion is a sexual issue and Christians really need to stop moralizing about it. Personally opposed, but publically silent is where it is at, man.

What we really need to do is promote ministry on non-sexualized issues like, "homelessness, hunger, racism, sexism, greed, social injustice, drug abuse, domestic violence, AIDS, etc."

I'm so glad Dr. Boyd set me straight on that. All along I was thinking that the abortion issue was really about whether it should be legal to kill a human being. Now, I am assured that it is really just a "sexual issue" which Christians have been wasting time moralizing about. After all, that is what the guy who "graduated with honors from Yale Divinity School and Princeton Theological Seminary" says.

Now I can focus on the real issues and ignore sideshows like abortion with a clear conscience.