"ordinary life is pretty complex stuff"

sitting here on the couch watching "American Splendor" reminds me that there is a lot more to life than what i typically experience. not in a way like i'm dissatisfied, more like i don't want to forget about the world that i never interact with - a world where people work jobs they don't like, their social interactions are interesting nd don't seem like they've got it together. i like it. and yeah, i recognize that film isn't reality, but i saw into an open window to this world earlier at safeway. i stopped by after returning some overdue dvds to get jen a tiny container of ice cream to help her feel better. (she's sick) as i stood in line, a girl was talking to the clerk about her life.

"...so if i go to his house or his work or call him on the phone he's gonna call the cops on me," complained the girl as the clerk rang up the customer in front of me. "so i guess he lost his place to live and his place to work," implying that she was gonna take them from him, "you don't drop me and get away free. so i'm coming out to your place tonight? do you want me to bring the toy? (whatever that means) i have to go to gas-n-go because stuff's too expensive here."

the clerk finally chimed in, a bit defensively, as she was finishing up with the customer ahead of me, "well we got some stuff that's a good deal and some that's a little more expensive." i handed the clerk the tiny ice cream and began punching in my club card number so that i could save 31 cents. i opted out of the breast cancer donation since we're sponsoring some kids we met in africa. plus i guess i don't really trust the safeway corporation (or whatever conglomerate they're a part of). anyway, i think the clerk and the girl talking to her are a part of a world i never experience, if seemingly a little more base than the world of harvey & joyce pekar. i often wish that i could spend more energy being interesting and less energy being interested, but i'm not really in a world that goes in for that sort of thing usually. plus i really like being interested too, so i guess i'm in pretty good shape.

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