my wife is very impressive

this morning at about 3:15, i was awoke to the covers shifting from me to my wife. she was pulling the comforter off of me and i was getting cold.

"i need that," i said as i tugged the covers back over my shoulder, not really knowing whether she'd hear me or not.

"that's not the top," she replied sleepily.

i didn't know what she was talking about at first, but then as the sleep-fog cleared a touch more, i realized that she was telling me that the part of the comforter i was clinging to was actually the side and not the top and that the whole things had become twisted through the night. i relinquished my hold on the part i'd been clinging to and found that as she pulled, the comforter turned and i was greeted by a full dose of covering.

how did she know that? is there some texture that she detected that i could not? she's working on a whole other level there that i can't even begin to understand. what a woman!


Kevin Leggett said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog.

Yeah, wives have super powers like that. I think they all come equipped with the ability to humble their husbands. I have eaten a lot of foot in my married life.

justin said...

thanks for the comment. i'm getting used to the taste of my toes, too.