my new life slogan!

as i rolled into the office this morning at about 6:15, still in the process of becoming awake and alive (thank you Mortal) i realized that the idea of "living for tady" is what's getting kme into trouble (not to mention a lack of self-discipline, especially when it comes to watching late night Dave Chapelle comedy on Comedy Central) so as i suffer through today, or at least this morning, i'll be reminding myself of my new life slogan, (in hopes of it sticking beyond the first good night's sleep i get henceforth)
"live for today, rest for tomorrow"

holy crap, that's deep. thank you late night dave chapelle comedy.

oh, and i also realized once again this morning as i sat debating which shoes to wear, that i take myself way too seriously and am a much prouder person than i want people to think. i need to pass that epiphany on to my wife, who will help remind me of it at the times when i need it most (and it'll be the hardest for me to hear)


hale-yeah said...

heck yeah on the Mortal. Alive and Awake. Fathom is still one of my favorite albums of all time. so, does your new life epiphany mean that you plan on resting tomorrow or later? Maybe it's so deep that I just don't get it.

justin said...

well, it's supposed to mean that i need to make rest a priority, i.e. not staying up late to watch the new episodes of LOST that we just got from Netflix like i did last night. i get really caught up in what i perceive as the opportunity cost of rest, but then i screw myself because i'm inevitably exhausted the following day.

although in last night's case, it might have been worth it. i mean, LOST, man. that show is awesome.