my first guitar lesson

yesterday, i took my first ever actual guitar lesson. the guy i'm studying with is bruce bishop, who has forgotten more about music than i'll ever know and can make the guitar sing in ways that i thought were only possible with camera tricks and overdubbing. we ended up spending about 3 hours together by the time we got done catching up and talking about this and that. we sat in the front room of the house he and his wife are still building and watched the deer through the windows, 10 feet away, eating clover.

i've been playing guitar for like 10+ years now which makes me older than my image of myself, and yet this is the first lesson i've taken. when i was younger i would've been very proud of that, but now it just sort of seems like time wasted, or at least not maximized. why should i spend a bunch of time figuring out what someone could have showed me in 5 minutes and i could've been practicing? i guess this is just the way it goes with youth. we do what we think is best for the reasons that make sense to us. then ten years down the road we see ourselves in a whole different light.

well, i'll post links to stuff i record henceforth with my new knowledge of the guitar. meanwhile, here's some of the old knowledge at work.

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