a monday in the truest sense of the reputation

so, it's been a bit of a rough day. the rhythm of the day eluded me until almost 11am, which means that i was about half as productive as i could be for almost half the day. bummer, 'cause i had a lot of stuff to get done today. i revised this video. (this is the old one)

and my monitor keeps crashing out on me. WHY!! i've spoken with Acer tech support and now am going to have to send my laptop in for repair, for which the turn-around time is a speedy 7-10 days. ouch! i'm still checking on some local repair options. i've got to admit, i probably wouldn't buy another acer laptop. this machine promised a lot more than it delivered, and i've been sub-impressed with the service. there's plenty more crap about today, but it's time to turn it around...

on the bright side, jen and ani stopped by after lunch. i have such an awesome family!! there's always plenty of venting to do, but there's also plenty to be thankful for. we are going over to jen's folks, larry & maryanne's, house tonight to work on the barn at the farm and then hang out for monday night football and eat tacos and drink beer. i love hanging out with the family. i miss having my folks and my brother closer to me, but jen's family is awesome. we're so blessed!!

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