i never realized what an idiot i am

jen and i are housesitting for jen's folks and it is awesome!! the house is big, the hot tub is, well, hot and the tivo is my new best friend. man, i love technology. it's a little tough not having wireless internet throughout the house, but the home office is only 13 seconds away and i've got a connection.

watching tv has been fun these past few days as jen and i don't get any cable or satellite or anything at home. just netflix. (which we just joined and you can add me to your friends list with the email justin@cedarhillschurch.com) but i digress. the point is, as much as i love some of the shows i've seen, i've also been very disappointed in several: namely Date My Mom and Parental somethingorother (guidance? protection?) two shows on mtv that look like reality show, but depict a reality in which ALL of the participants appear to be socially arrogant, sex-obsessed,tactless, brainless and heartless idiots! the first few minutes of the first of these that i saw, i took it for a reality show in which there just happenned to be a larger-than-usual proportion of jerks:average people, but as my experience increased, my optimism decreased proportionally and i began to realize that these shows are not so-called reality, buyt carefully crafted and scripted, simultaneous temper tamtrums thrown by no less than 3 people who look, physically, to be grown up, but have apparently missed out on or intentionally avoided the benefit of any sort of personal growth that life makes available to a person over the years lived on this planet.

anyway, a couple shows into this, i also realized that not only were these people idiots, but i was inextricably drawn into the show, even as i chastised everyone who had any involvement whatsoever with such a heinous dung heap of entertainment. thus, i must admit to my own idiocy and banality while simultaneously plotting the catastrophic castration of the male participants on the production staff who okayed such a show. even though they've done their job wonderfully, considering that a person with such disdain for the subject matter still sat through an undisclosed # (at least 2) of episodes.

ironically, since i've got a tivo here, all commercials were skipped, so the joke's on them.

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