happy columbus day!

as we celebrate this most meaningful of national holidays, let's do so by commemorating the reason for the season. Christopher Columbus, while commonly credited with being the first european explorer to reach the americas, he wasn't that exactly. according to wikipedia, there is evidence of several explorers reaching the americas before columbus. as the rhyme goes, "in 14 hundred and 92, columbus sailed the ocean blue." this is true, but he didn't touch the mainland until his 3rd voyage in 1498. it turns out his claim to fame has more to do with his timing than his discovery.

anyway, we reality is a beautiful thing, if occassionally glossed over by our public school system.

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Anonymous said...

What a great holiday season.....as a government worker. WhoooHooo payed holiday!! but lets not forget the event that made it possible or non-event.

David said...

What the Hell!!! I've been decieved. I read your wikapedia link about Columbus who sailed the ocean blue. Then decided to check out some other sites about his voyages across the sea. According to what I found the only America he landed on was South America. He never reached what we now call the United States. In 1492 he discovered the Bahamas not America. So why in school do I remember learning that he discovered the east side of the United States when he was really discovering the warm sunny beaches of the Bahamas. Is my memory failing me at early age, was my education that poor in the small public school that I attended, or did I just not learn anything. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about this holiday. I'm a government worker, I LOVE our payed holidys such as this one but shouldn't we know what the hell really happened on that day to make it a holiday.