almost first blood

i went to the local skatepark today as i have been for the past few weeks. i've been steadily progressing, even though i'm still almost always the worst skater there, and have been getting better and better at falling well so that it doesn't hurt so bad.

today was going smashingly. i did my first 50/50 and there were about 5 kids there under 10 who i could definitely out-skate. i think maybe i got a little too comfortable, because before i knew it, i went down hard on my knee and hand. in the big picture, it was still a pretty beningn wipe-out, but my hand is bruised and throbbing as i type. i'm just not quite the rubber band i was when i was younger.


Kevin Leggett said...

I never got passed sitting on the skateboard and riding it down hill.

justin said...

that's what a 50/50 is.