2 semi-famous people in one day

so, i was walking out of home depot with ani, when i ran into an old friend named matt who was loading some sheets of drywall into the truck next to mine. i offered some assistance and we proceeded with the typical pleasantries you might expect to transpire when acquaintances are reacquainted. i told him about my family and the summer's trip to uganda and he filled me in on how he's building a recording studio (which us what the drywall is for.

as we were saying our goodbyes, i asked one final question about his job to which he informed me that he's got the week off because he recently won the $10,000 prize on america's funniest videos and is headed back for the taping of the $100,000 show. the video was of him with one of those electric dog collars.

then i spoke with my friend ryan townsed from the overdubs and found out that not only is his record available on cdbaby. com, but also available for purchase on itunes and soon the rest. for the itunes version, search "the overdubs" and look for the album title "here is where we are." the record is really worth picking up, especially since you can now go to itunes and get it digitally. way to go, ryan!!

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