two days later

I think I'm getting sick. I've been feeling really achy and lethargic with a bit of upset stomach. When I told my wife, she claimed that it was the result of my poor diet and excessive carbonated beverage consupmtion. I responded with a "what would you know" or something equally childish but as I've been processing the whole thing, I think she may be right. It all seems a little bit kooky to me, but it'd be easier to believe than deny, that all the chemicals and growth hormones and processed this and orange number that and acetates and phosphates and regurgitates can't be doing us much good. I mean, where did all this cancer come from anyway? I heard from a friend recently that the idea of a chemical imbalance as a cause for, say, depression, is a diagnosis that one won't find outside North America and that ADHD is in the same boat. My friend, my wife, and several other people I've spoken with recently claim that doctors have been trained not to cure, but to medicate. While this seems a bit cynical and conspiratory, I have to admit that if I stood to gain what the big pharmaceutical conglomerates stood to gain, I might over-prescribe a certain drug that will definitely treat the symptoms and do some good along the way, just until I get the boat paid off.

Anyway, I'm not sure I'm buying it all yet, but I'm going to make a concerted effort to eat raw fruits and veggies occassionally as well as cut back on the carbonated drinks; especially those with a lot of sugar.

If the cure for cancer was prevention, and the prescription for prevention required an all-organic diet including a high ratio of fruits and vegetables to meat, no sugar, and no processed foods of any kind, would it really be worth it to you? Would you really be willing to change your entire lifestyle if it was guaranteed to keep you cancer-free? Be honest...

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Straxy said...

I thank God you rae getting better. Hey by the way Jus' A big hello to Jane and Ani. Everyont in Uganda is great, and last Suday i was with Margo and Hollie and they are fine too but i did not get enough time with them since i was the MC at the church's thanxgiving for the roof. O'wise man i tell you that those ladies have been totally incredible with the choir, being there for practice and boosting the choir kids; what an incredible time its been being with them.