a short trip

tdaoy, Jen, Ani and I went t Spokane, WA to visit Jen's mom in the hospital. She was in high spirits, and we had a nice time haging out with her for a couple hours.

The drive there was only punctuated by one thing, a route decision. I started to take a route that would take us around Coeur d'Alene when Jen protested (she would say queried, but I'm telling the story.
"Are you sure you want to go this way?"
I thought this route would be a little quicker and I told her so, but not having a very strong opinion about the issue, i took the next turn back onto the highway and her prefered route.

As we sat in traffic that was backed up for at least 30 minutes waiting for an overturned trailer to be cleaned up, I couldn't help but realize that the route I'd intially chosen would have taken us around the whole mess. It's nice to know that the other way would've been faster.

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