props to google video tech support

i opened a google video account quite a while ago, like over a year. I uploaded several videos, 14 to be exact, and everything was working great. During a long lapse of inactivity, let's a 3-6 months, the email account I'd signed up with became defunct and I forgot my password. I was unable to login or retreive my password. It's taken about 6 emails and 4 weeks to resolve the issue, but I'm finally back in.

Anywho, I checked my stats on the videos as far as views and downloads. Having never done so, I expected higher numbers than I initially found, which suggested that most popular one was only viewed 30 times. I was a little disappointed until I realized that was for yesterday. When I pulled up the all-time stats I found that the most popular video was viewed over 3000 times. That was exciting.

The questions is, should I charge for it now? My heart is telling me no, but hy greedy mind is saying maybe. Leave me a comment letting me know what you think.

Oh, and here's a link to the videos.

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