One of the many things I love about the internet - Networking

I was reminded today of the beauty of networking. Not the kind of networking that costs lots of time and money to get set up and then only works half the time anyway because it can't renew the ip for whatever reason, but the kind of networking where the people I know connect with the people I know because I know you and you know me. That's some fun stuff. That's one of the many things I love about the internet - the networking. So here are some updates on people I know and maybeyou or somebody you know will be interested.

My friend Ryan Townsend has finally finished a record that will be available for sale online. Actually, his second, but the first was a collaboration and he doesn't actually own the rights and blah blah blah. The current one will be available from the website of his "band," the overdubs, in a couple weeks. The previous one is available here and is one of the best albums for focusing one's heart and thoughts on God, that I've heard in a while. (you might also call it worship music, but with the cultural pigeonholing of the word "worship" I try to steer clear of it in all but its grandest of uses.)

My friend Brian is indirectly responsible for this blog sonce he inspired me to keep it. His blog, Hale-Yeah is definitely worth a read, well, I guess if you don't know him personally it might be slightly less interesting, but nevertheless I enjoy it.

The guy who's been giving me some friendly advice about web traffic and how that all works is Ryan Sawyer and he runs a few sites, babyanimalz.com and funnyanimalz.com and while the sites themselves may not be right up my alley, he's helped me to see that finding something that people are interested in and then finding a way to get those people connected can be a very interesting, and sometimes even a little profitable, experience. I'm a huge fan of people being happy, so if I can find ways to help people enjoy themselves on a large scale, I'm all over it.

So there are a few options for connection. I hope you can find something that tickles you. If not, pass it on because you may know someone who's been dying to find a place to upload all those pictures they've taken of their pet dressed up in funny outfits.

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