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i was listening to laura ingraham this morning and they were talking about the whole muslim issue that's hot right now. The thing is callers kept asking about interpretations of the Koran and whether there was any authority. The questions seemed a little foolish to me because the chances are good that at least a few of those callers were Christians. Aren't there all kinds of interpretations of the bible? Isn't that a huge issue in america that all the different denominations can't agree on anything? aren't there people who blow up abortion clinics because they believe it's what the bible suggests? so why are the same misinterpretations and confusions so hard to understand in a different religion? why can't we just accept that the majority of muslims are good people who love peace, with a few extremists who have chosen to carry out attorcities in the name of the koran?

i don't think the average american really want an answer. i think we ask questions like that because we believe that we're entitled to justice and that if we dig deep enough we'll find out that there's sometihng or soebody behind the curtain manipulating it all, and we can catch them and punish them and everybody'll be happy.

i don't think that's the case. i think people will always differ in opinion, especially when it comes to issues of religious and scriptural interpretation. there will always be moderates and extremists. americans have been conditioned to believe so highly in justice and individual rights that we forget that there is no promise of fairness or justice in this world. injustice is a part of life and always will be. we can and should work to address the injustice that we see, but when it comes to finding some meter or purpose to bad things that happen, i think we're chasing our invisible tail.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should take some time to read God's word, really read it. Truth is truth and no matter how someone may want to change it, God stands firm and has definite things He says are okay and not okay. You have totally bought into pop culture of standing for nothing and being tolerant. God isn't a 'tolerant' God. He's loving but he's not tolerant to anything and everything goes. One hope, ONE faith, ONE God, ONE Savior-Jesus. "If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all." Isaiah 7:9b

justin said...

that's an interesting perspective. i totally agree that the bible is very clear on certain things. i think you'd be surprised at how much flex there is in the bible.

for example, the law said that working on the sabbath (the jewish day of rest)was illegal, so when jesus healed sombody on the sabbath, the religious leaders cried "foul" because it was a SIN to work on the sabbath. jesus, who the bible claims never sinned, rminded them that love trumps the law and that it is worse to ignore suffering than relieve it on the day of rest. so is the 4th commandment of "remembering the sabbath day and keeping it holy" now meaningless? i don't think so. did jesus sin in healing a person on the sabbath? not if he's who he says he is. so what?

this is only one example (and the bible is full of them) where those who study it and the life of jesus christ are forced to take several factors into account (the law, the spirit of God, the big picture, the context, the people involved, etc) and then make a decision that they would be willing to stand up for, with confidence, in front of the God of the bible.

I think there are many things that are meant to be sussed out by the individual - that the God of the bible's intention wasn't to hold our hand through every little thing and tell us what to think in every situation. the bible is written in full color, not just black and white. i would encourage you to consider the position of judgement you may find yourself in from time to time, if you make a habit of speaking dogmatically as you did here. i appreciate your spirit, there is no room for waffling on truth...there are also many perspectives from which to see truth (not saying they're all right, but you have no way to now that your perspective is "righter" than mine, unless you've got an email address for God that the rest of us could really benefit from)

i'd also appreciate knowing who you are. making a comment like this anonymously sort of looks like you either can't defend your position, or you don't really believe what you say.

thanks again for the comment. i'm eager for your response, because i don't have God's email address either.