Friends are Awesome

Our friend Matt Thomason arrived last night to stay with us for a couple weeks. His wife, Holly, is flying out here at the beginning of October for her vacation, then she and Matt'll drive back to Georgia together. Ani's still getting used to the new friend.

My friend Brian mentioned a site in his blog, Hale-Yeah, called Agony & Angels that's worth a look. It looks pretty new still, but the concept is attractive. Jen and I would love to get a site up and running where we can host photos and video of our Arica trip, plus other stuff we've done and will do. I have futuremann.com, but I'm a crappy web designer, so I'm trying to figure that out. Drop me some help if you know about some easy-to-edit web templates, or have some dynamite advice. I'm struggling.


Dustin said...

Thank you for the link love for agony & angels! If you guys are interested in utilizing the site for your video, and/or photos please let me know.


Brian said...

hey bro, I was looking over your blog and typepad has a pretty simple photo album feature. Also, I use flickr where you can watch your pics in a slideshow. Alos, if your a Mac guy, .mac has an entire lineup of blogging, photocasting, podcasting on it's new 2006 edition.