it seems like a big part of reaching an underground audience is taste and acceptance and these two consistently come into conflict for me. how do i promote quality and good art (whatever the hell that means) and giving people a venue to express what they create while still maintaining an end product that has artistic integrity? i know acceptance is a key to community that i suck at embracing (because at the heart i'm egotistical and elitist, but working on it) and i also get positive feebdack from people expressing an appreciation of a quality element in what i'm responsible for(not always done by me, but goes through my filter) so how then do i practice being in community with others who are learning, appreciate them for who they are and what they produce, and still tell them with love and honesty that they aren't ready for the main event? then once that hurdles overcome how do i, we, whoever, help people to improve artistically and what does that mean?


a very good place to start

on the dawn of this electronic journal of thoughts and feelings and musings and growth and morphing and emerging, here's a quote from Gareth Higgins' book How Movies Helped Save My Soul. "We're all broken people trying o keep our lives under control, and it seems that few of us know how to succeed at that task. ...maybe the best we can say is that Jesus was broken, too, and knew the importance of friendship enough that he always brought eleven with him." why, then, do i spend so much time at home organizing my music collection? i get so fired up about being in real relationship with people, but i fear i don't have the motivation (or guts) to make it happen for real. but i'm really not sure why.